The worship of the Parents

The Father and Mother. The allfather represents protection, strength, pride, and discipline. The mother represents the home and hearth, fertility, love, rebirth and death. They have many children who together make up the world and everything in it. Highest amongst these children stand the Humans. The holy scripture of this religious order is known as the “yellow codex” The symbol of the church is a Eclipsed sun, symbolising the father and mother entwined while also referring to them as celestial beings.

Cults and Patrons pertaining to the Worship of the “Parents”

The Son The son is the patron of huntsmen, warriors, feasters and young noblemen. He is called upon in times when masculinity prevails or when a certain situation requires a “male” skill to be used. He is given the characteristics of being strong, sharp of wit, handsome and well versed in all forms of physical activity. Often depicted with a bow and arrow kneeling over a dead doe.

The Daughter A woman of spellbinding beauty, her’s is the most popular cult. Not only does she epitomize the perfect woman but she’s also the twin of the Son. One of the most popular interpretations of her and The Son is that they are the same being, just with two different genders and shapes. This has been accentuated by the popular rise of an all female warrior cult known as the “Sisters of Atali” named after the infamous Warrior Queen Atali Folvio who founded the Ymylian Empire during the “War of Generations”

There are several orders within the church, some of them are mentioned below.

The Order of Scripture

These men and women dedicate their lives to fulfil their chosen task of recording the history and collecting information about the natural world. Their approaches are bordering on the scientific, and many of the Order of Scripture are some of the most knowledgeable people in the known world. They go often on long arduous treks to distant kingdoms to witness first hand, strange and amazing things. Not everyone who belongs to the Order of Scripture live a life of adventure. Many are trained as scribes who stay put for the rest of their lives, placed in the care of a powerful noble, or king, to perform all sorts of day-to-day clerical duties.

The order of Inquest

The order of Inquest or “Inquisition” as they are also known, where founded in recent times by demand from the late king Thurbund VIII. Thurbund wished to utilize the strong bureaucratic and infrastructural tradition of the Church to create a organization that worked first and foremost for the secular part of the kingdom and where to some extent further removed from the clerical duties of the current ecclesiastical organizations. They were used to uncover and root out political as well as religious dissenters in the kingdoms, and quickly gained a reputation for unorthodox and brutal methods. When the civil war broke out the Inquisition suffered heavy losses due to their close ties with the royal house. Most of those attached to the pre-dynastic organization have either been killed or are reported missing. Those few who still remained were bound to the new king and continue to serve him as a clerical policing force.


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