The Guild

The Guild States a conglomeration of representatives from banks and wealthy merchants from a series of city-states that have grown so powerful that they have formed their own political, military and economic coalition which now claim independence from Ymyl.

They are made up by the following city states:

Opatti: Northemost of the five, Opatti has expanded from being a ancient Pre-War fort, to becoming one of the best defended and prosperous castle-towns in the known world. It lies upon a craggy precipice, which legend tells used to be an aeire for the giant eagles that once inhabited that region of “the drifters bone”. It overlooks the single existing road from Ymyl into the Guild states and is ruled by Duke Montecasso and his brood.

Gaidetta: Located on it’s own Island, Gaidetta serves as the natural protector of the “bay of Jewels” It’s also arguably one of the riches of the five states, seeing as it controls much of the sea trade that constantly flows in and out. Gaidetta is ruled by many small noble houses who each control a separate marketing interest.

Pollo: Pollo is famed for its high culture, fine wine and love of the arts. All the painters and savants who aspire to greatness make sure they are ably trained at one of the great universities or masters who reside inside its marbled walls and cobbled streets. Pollo is also known for its famed “Amatzzi Library” which houses the greatest collection of world history, theological documents,and artifacts. It is only challenged by the Emperor of Pantias personal collection, said to be so great that they had to build it it’s own palace.

Eiertis: Known for its infamous spymasters and assassins, Eiertis’s trade lie in secrets and hidden death. It’s a humble city state, made up of rotted docks and seedy taverns. It lies in a fog filled swampy-valley, granting it a fair amount of natural defense, and this has lead to it being built without defense in mind. It’s mostly made up by wooden housing, which rot due to the moisture, leading the buildings to strain and twist in odd angles. It’s streets are paved, though not well maintained, creating treacherous footing and dangerous pot-holes nearly every-other step. The roads are narrow, fog-filled and twist through the town like a hundred small serpents, crisscrossing and entangling each other as if all were trying to escape the labyrinth, ultimately failing and then resorting to cannibalism…

Bachisse: The city of Bachisse is renown for its war craft. Through the creation of disiplined mercenaries and advanced weaponry is how they built a reputation of being a state to be reckoned with. The city is built into a large hill in the middle of a great plain, surrounded by many small villages that grow olives, grapes and fine wheat. From its top spires it can gain a clear view to the “Sea of War” and the city is defended by a complicated weapon system fully integrated into the city’s structure. It has never been besieged due to it’s reputation of having the worlds most advanced weaponry, which to this day remains untested upon a enemy force.

The Guild

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